Saturday, April 30, 2005

Chris admitting part 2

[8:48pm] <@bi^o^bi> saja ba saja
[8:49pm] <@bi^o^bi> saturday nite ba
[8:49pm] <@Adriel> saturday night fever
[8:50pm] <@Adriel> the night that chris will wear his fishnet with a guitar on his back while riding on his old bicycle
[8:50pm] <@|^2SaNe|> yups

Friday, April 29, 2005

Good question?

[13:35] <@syth3N> haih
[13:35] <@syth3N> why japanese game must be in japanese ar
[13:35] <@|^2SaNe|> cuz its japanese
[13:35] <@syth3N> true also
[13:36] <@|^2SaNe|> yups

*Okay. I admit that was a good question! To set the record straight, that wasn't Carlo.

BBQ Invitation to ALL! Especially Pretty Girls! ;)

I'm trying to organize a BBQ next week. We don't have the exact date yet since it depends on who is free at which day. Around May 3rd to May 8th? The venue would be at Tanjung Aru Beach. The venue is subject to change if anyone got a better place to host the BBQ. Its been hot these days. Not sure if it's a good idea to do it at the beach but anyhow, contact me or Adriel if your interested.

*Please refrain from posting your email in the comments. Spam bots will detect it.
*Please refrain from posting your contact numbers in the comments if you cherish your privacy.
*Please contact me or Adriel thru the channel, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo or text/call us. If you want to email us instead, you better hope we read it in time.
*If you do not know how to contact us, you probably are too far away or a stranger which in any case, shouldn't be bothering us at all. However, if you are a very pretty girl, for Adriel's sake, we might find the effort just to look for you. Adriel got his ICQ UIN on his blogger profile so add him instead.
*For Adriel's sake and ours too. Please do not stalk him. I really meant it. If you did that, he wouldn't go to the BBQ at all. If you really wanna stalk him though, do it after the BBQ session. Thank you very much.
*Another thing, Adriel request all who wants to join the BBQ session to submit their pictures and numbers to me. If not we will take a photo of you during the BBQ session and it will be submitted into the blog. This of course is to advertise your uniqueness and annoy Anna whose currently in HK. So please give us your biggest smile during the BBQ. Thank you.
*Please contact us in time so we can have enough food and drinks. Yes, you need to chip in a little bit of cash. Getting more people to chip in means more food and drinks so don't be stingy.
*If you want everything to be FREE for you, please convince us. Pretty girls could kiss me on the cheek and hug Adriel. We might really consider after that.

Morning ritual?

[04:57] <@Adriel> can't sleep
[05:32] <@Adriel> bleach
[06:53] <@Adriel> diee bitchhh dieeeeeeeeee
[07:55] <@Adriel> I am stronggg

Adriel? Why are you talking to yourself? Some kind of hourly morning ritual?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Today's Karma -4

[23:14] <@|^2SaNe|> ahahah adriel.. y? bah i cant dream of hugging ppl >.<
[23:14] <@Adriel> lol
[23:15] <@|^2SaNe|> actually i think i might know the girl im hugging
[23:15] <@|^2SaNe|> hmm..
[23:15] <@Adriel> are
[23:15] <@Adriel> you
[23:15] <@Adriel> sure
[23:15] <@Adriel> it is
[23:15] <@Adriel> not
[23:15] <@Adriel> Anna Tam
[23:15] <@|^2SaNe|> yup sure
[23:15] <@|^2SaNe|> the girl is slim
[23:15] <@|^2SaNe|> n small size
[23:15] <@|^2SaNe|> thats not anna tam
[23:15] <@Adriel> ;o

*lol* Indirectly scoring few points. :p Sorry Anna. Its always Adriel's fault!

Naive? Desperation?

[19:36] <|^2SaNe|> do u like phone sex?
[19:36] <|^2SaNe|> <kelvin_> do u like phone sex?
[19:37] <k33t> wat is phone sex oh??
[19:37] <|^2SaNe|> try u msg kelvin_ n ask

Some people can't afford to get laid.

Today's Karma -2

[19:32] <@|^2SaNe|> i wish i wish
[19:32] <@|^2SaNe|> for a very nice person
[19:32] * @Adriel give chris Anna Tam
[19:32] * @|^2SaNe| gives back anna tam
[19:33] * @Adriel runs off

*lol* That say its all!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Monkey see! Monkey do!

Monkey of the channel:

[19:52] <@Adriel> Hu hu Arkkkk ARKKKK ARKKK
[19:53] * @|^2SaNe| slaps Adriel around a bit with a large trout
[19:53] <@Adriel> aku
[19:53] <@Adriel> monyet
[19:53] <@Adriel> Hu Huuu arkkkk arRKkkkkARKKKK
[19:54] <@|^2SaNe|> -.-

Police? What are you doing?

Excerpts from here.

Malaysian police arrested two Americans for allegedly distributing Christian religious pamphlets to Muslims, police said today.

The two men were detained on Monday and a local court had ordered them to be held for 14 days to assist in investigations, a police spokesman told AFP.

"We want to find out if they had breached any regulations in Malaysia," he said.

It is an offence in mainly-Muslim Malaysia to try to convert Muslims away from their faith.

Right! Rather then investigating the issue before making an arrest, they will try to find fault after arresting people. That 14 days is a bullshit law! The police is getting lazy because of it. They should ammend that particular clause. And why find fault with someone when you should arrest someone whose at fault instead? Logical error!?

RYL2 Guild

ok so only me and adriel actually play RYL. everyone else is too lame haha. but as an SOp of the channel, i reserve the right to post the link here for those who *might* be interested. Presenting... The Unholy Guild!!!


this is getting off course

OKKkKKkKKkKkKKkkkKkk... stop. this is the channel blog!!! keep it channel relatedddd!!!! before i shoot everyone in this worlddd!!!!!

my post of the day is, channel talk!

chia trying to pick up ana:
[22:36] <@|^2SaNe|> anna.. u breast is the biggest

regarding desmun's 'chinese name':
[22:54] <@TilaPia^o^> lai kin nyao in hakka means sedang kencing that

pointless conversation (not that any of our conversations have a point):
[23:03] <@CrazyOldB|atch> i use hung chung as bait
[23:03] <@CrazyOldB|atch> red worm u know red wormmmmmmmmm
[23:03] <@CrazyOldB|atch> fung chungggggg
[23:03] <@|^2SaNe|> i tot ham chung just now
[23:03] <@|^2SaNe|> n i was wondering
[23:03] <@|^2SaNe|> y anna wants a ham chung for
[23:03] <@CrazyOldB|atch> fung chung laaaaaa
[23:03] <@CrazyOldB|atch> ngai deli
[23:03] <@CrazyOldB|atch> -.-
[23:03] <@|^2SaNe|> ngai di lin ni kong makai r

chia and anna arguing:
[23:14] <@CrazyOldB|atch> later u see chia's balls gugur also
[23:15] <@|^2SaNe|> anna dont make me curse u have saggy boobs
[23:16] <@CrazyOldB|atch> after u muntah then ur balls gugur

HK english:
[23:12] <@CrazyOldB|atch> mana ada I see ur asked
[23:17] <@CrazyOldB|atch> i'm corrsing u in styleeeeeeeeeeeee

chia admitting:
[23:20] <@|^2SaNe|> i wanna get highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[23:20] <@|^2SaNe|> so highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[23:20] <@darthsythen> u memang sohai

something only chia would take notice of:
[23:28] <@|^2SaNe|> guys also nowadays have boobs too

chatters' chinese names:
[02:22] <@darthsythen> adriel yeo ah liu
[02:22] <@darthsythen> chris chia ah teck
[02:22] <@darthsythen> desmun lai keen yao
[02:22] <@|^2SaNe|> carlo chin ka lok

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Confession Part I

[22:33] <@CrazyOldB|atch> pls leave this crazy old bitch alone

*Yup! She's crazy.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Excerpts from here.

No sex drive? Is that a bad thing? I anxiously await the day when I can rest peacefully without feeling that one urge which makes us do sooooo many stupid things, like put up with someone's shit until you get what you want.

Reducing your risk of death?

It's possible. The longer you live, the more likely you'll survive till:

1. The Rapture
2. We find a way to stop/reverse aging
3. The aliens find a way to stop/reverse aging.
4. We find a way to travel back in time, duplicate our bodies, and implant our souls in the new body.
5. see #4, but change souls to neural pathways, quantuum states, and data.
6, see #4, but the aliens invent it, not us.
7. see #5, but the aliens invent it, not us
8. God decides death is now deprecated/obsolete.
9. The Grim Reaper takes himself out.
10. Entropy reverses or stops, possibly due to dark matter/anti-matter/quasi-matter/doesn't matter/the universe compressing instead of expanding/aliens/God/Cmdr Taco.
11. The bugs in the universe responsible for death and other bad things are fixed.
12. God ports the universe from Windows to Linux.
13. The Grim Reaper revokes the license for death because Andrew Tridgell reverse engineered it.

Best comment I ever hear.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

A new word : 'morose'

It means 'sullenly melancholy; gloomy'.

e.g They're just morose if they stop to think about almost anything.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Gay rights?

At first it was a discussion about the reason why Microsoft abandons the gay rights bill. More or less. Some people will just want to flame Microsoft just because its Microsoft. However, the comments turn quite interesting when some religious person started to spout their bigotry statements. The rest of the sane people started to pick apart the myths and whatever things were spouted against the gay rights bill or the gays in general. Turns out that homosexuality is a norm in nature. There are gay communities among the penguins. Turns out that gays can love each other like the rest of the couple in this world. Turns out that marriage gives fundamental rights to couples that most of us takes for granted. Rights like tax break and stuff. Turns out that child rearing have nothing to do with sexuality thus there isn't a valid argument against gays adopting children. Turns out that gay isn't a disease that infect others. Turns out that homosexuality isn't a psychological problem. Turns out that the only reason why people are intolerent of gays is because it was based by a book which they claim are from God. Does this sound absurd to you? My former church All Saints Cathedral, being Anglican, a sect in Christianity, officially do not support gays. They are against homosexuality. I find it very ironic though. A place which preaches the love and mercy of God turns out to be intolerent of a sexual orientation which we have yet to understand.


Best quote I ever read about democracy.

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch." - Benjamin Franklin.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Legacy? Dr. M? What is next?

I've always been critical of Dr. Mahathir. Maybe I got it from my dad. There are things that he did which could be categorize as great but there are things that he did which to me was lack of morality or the bigger picture. First was the timber fiasco and now its bribing people for US support. Is this a screw up? Why should the government pay so much for a support in the United States of America? Isn't Dr. Mahathir being a hypocrite for denouncing US for its foreign policy while trying to gain favours from the US? Is that being honest? I'm not sure what Dr. M is trying to do and if his action is right but I feel it is a mistake for a government to bribe policy makers. That's just plainly being dishonest and if a leader screws up, everyone who are depended on him screws up. Read here for more context.

NSTP's legacy? Sarcasm lost?

Read here, here, here, here and here for context. You can watch the video of the debate here. The newspaper have single out DAP Lim Kit Siang for leading the attacks of Zainul Arifin's column. However is that the true picture? IMHO, from what I saw from the video and read from the verbatim of the debate, DAP Lim Kit Siang was being sarcastic. Didn't any of the editors in NSTP realise that? I mean they are well experience in this kind of things right? Even a guy like me realise he was being sarcastic. So I beg to question, have the newspaper's journalist and editors shoot themselves in the leg by misleadingly reporting DAP Lim Kit Siang's statement?

Misleading Statements?

Excerpts from here:

Two people have died and 203 people have been hospitalized following a typhoid outbreak in Kelantan that has sparked a public health scare, reports said today.

State health director Ahmad Razin Ahmad Maher said the outbreak detected three weeks ago was becoming critical but was still under control. He said the department had taken immediate steps to control the disease including conducting large-scale operations at eateries and business premises.

Say what? The outbreak detected three weeks ago was becoming critical but was still under control? Isn't that a bit contradicting? How can something be under control yet becoming critical? I'm no doctor but you tell me what's that suppose to mean?

Missing Users Part VI

*mArsMaLLoW^^ have been sighted! Yay!

All missing users have been sighted. Now all that is left are those in the graveyard list. =x

Thursday, April 21, 2005

StreamyX email complain and reply

I emailed Streamyx yesterday in the everning, here is what I said in the mail:
Sent Wednesday, April 20, 2005 5:04 pm
Subject Streamyx upload Speed
Well my streamyx has already been upgraded, but the only problem now is my upload speed which is just "128kbps". I am using aztech 600E, on router mode and I accessed it and checked the speed which showed me that. Here is the full details from the router page:

Link Status Connected
Us Rate (Kbps) 128
Ds Rate (Kbps) 1024
US Margin 31
DS Margin 27
Modulation MMODE
LOS Errors 0
DS Line Attenuation 41
US Line Attenuation 46
Path Mode Fast Path

I thought my upload was suppose to be 384kbps and not 128kbps. I don't have much time to go kedai telekom, or call up the help line. So hope you guys can just update it from there.

Adriel D.K

I didn't check my till 4 am just now, when I checked there was already a reply. Weird and it was a little too fast anyway here is the reply:
From TM Net Customer Care Support
Sent Wednesday, April 20, 2005 6:00 pm
Subject Streamyx upload Speed
Dear Mr. Ea Jook Beng,

Thank you for e-mailing TM Net.Firstly, we apologies for the late reply.

With regards to your enquiry,Kindly be advised to proceed with some basic troubleshooting .

- Clear cache, reset web settings
- Check phone line quality
- Configure DNS Settings
- Disable Firewall
- Do at least 3 bandwidth test from our website.
The website is:

After you proceed with basic troubleshooting steps , kindly email back to us with the following particulars in order for us to open report for your side.

-User name
-Contact Person
-Contact Number Home/Office
-Operating System
-Modem Brand
-Service Number
-Streamyx Package
- Bandwidth Test First Test
-Second Test
-Third Test

Should you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us either via e-mail at or call us at 1-300-88-9515 between the hours of 8.00am to 12.00 midnight, seven days a week to speak to any of our representatives.

Thank you for being our valued customer.

Best Regards,
Noralizah Saleh
Customer Care Support, CRM
TM Net Sdn. Bhd.

(ICOMS#90052-30192 ONYX#3090083)

Wuhoo I am Ea Jook Beng, cool eh hahahaha only a computer can make such mistake. I guess telekom got fadup typing and replying custormer email complains and so on. So they ordered a auto reply software which will read out the mail and reply back with a format which included some words that is common used like "upload, download, speed problem" and so on from the email it read :P. Now this is real malaysian half gov company, too lazy to take care of their custormer and always got "alasan" or what ever shit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

God and Science

The existence of God is not proven in science. There is no evidence, inference or experiments that concludes the existence of a higher supreme being. As such, 'God does not exist' is a fact. I agree though the possibility of the existence of God should not be muted at all. Science is after all a self-correcting methodology.

Missing Users Part V


*acidcruel has been sighted! Yay!

Saturday, April 16, 2005


Here's a chat log of a girl who pm me on a boring day, some how I get the feeling she regretted for trying to private message me hahaha anyway here is the log file :)


The conversation stoped as I didn't had anything else to ask and she never asked me anything too so I got bored asking and set +R on myself.

Friday, April 15, 2005

A spoof of Mr Lonely by Akon

I'm so lonely
I'm Mister Lonely,
I have no money...

It was April Fool? No? Part III

Somehow Malaysiakini is going to be charged for what? No idea too. When government starts to punish people for making jokes, its getting too much. Tidak pandai bergurau ler. Weird shit. Read here and here. Go get a better life!

*Credit to Jeff Ooi for bringing up this issue.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The fate of #allsaints : REOPEN

Sometimes I have no idea what DALnet adminstration is doing. #allsaints have been reopen after the latest founder talked to them or something. Adriel, your former channel is damn eventful! *lol*

The fate of #allsaints : PURGED

Adriel's former #allsaints have just been purged by the DALnet adminstration. I got a sore butt being kicked. The latest founder have been caught mass inviting on the network. Even the nick was frozen. ;) I guess some people just want to abuse the AUP given by the IRC network. Its weird sometimes.

The Graveyard Part II

shhuk *blacklisted*

*incubabe is alive!!

NuLife International Incorporated?

"hello, ^2SaNe how are you today? Are you free to talk at the moment?"
"a bit"
"nth just asking "
";) "
"can i ask u some question..would u mind it?
"yups sure.. whats that "
"So,is there any planning this year that you have planned for yourself?"
"yups.. y?"
"Are you free this coming thursday night or sunday afternoon?"
"not sure"
"whats on"
"which days r u free ?"
"depends really"
"erm ok"
"Have you ever read a book called rich dad poor dad?"
"have u ever heard of it ?"

"got nearly the whole set"
"ok,According to this book,if we want to be a wealthy person we must change ourselves from Employee to a Business Owner.But if there is a way we can change from Employee to Business Owner,would you be interested to know about it..?"
"ahahah n whats that huh? dont tell me its amway or something"
"not amway"
"what issit then?"
"According to this book,if we want to be a wealthy person we must change ourselves from Employee to a Business Owner.But if there is a way we can change from Employee to Business Owner,would you be interested to know about it..?"
"y r u repeating ur question?"
"im asking you would u be interested to know more about it..?"
"you could tell me now n don't have to drag me all the way to some meeting"
"ok,i have a friend who will be organizing a special talk this thursday night(sunday afternoon) and he will be sharing to us the way to change ourselves from E to B.Coincidently,he gave me 2 seats to his talk and i think ur knowledge regarding this issue is better than me.So in this case I would like you to come and give some opinion regarding this issue.."
"what talk? what meeting? and pls don't tell me this is some sort of network marketing"
"what's wrong?"
"i tell u nth is going on wrong.."

"wrong? nothing really.. just that.... for someone whose so keen on sharing something so wonderful, you awfully being so secretive about it"
"thus its fishy"
"not only that... ive been dragged to too many network marketing talks that.. i find it so.. "
"to be a wealthy person we must change ourselves from Employee to a Business Owner.But if there is a way we can change from Employee to Business Owner <--- i think its good to be E to B"
"with RM10k, i can be a business owner.. you wanna give me that cash? lol"
"if u could do it..then u muz show ur prices"
"if u can't do it...nth can helps u either"

"stop beating around the bush eh"
"why cant just tell me what talk issit?"
"i told u already"
"i don't know how to explain to u whole things.. "

"u could tell me what its called"
"is a network marketing right?"
"if u wanna talk in here...i think its not a good idea..if like here"
"sort of"

"there no such thing as sort of.... eventhough i like to use those word often too"
"ya ok
kind of sales marketing"
"issit omegatrend?"
"nvm i won't force...but i hope i can help u with that"

"ahahha.. cuz u refuse to tell me the name..... and i rather not be in a multi level marketing talk again.. i'll probably freak"
"ok ok"
"Is that important to u if im telling out"
"if i didnt say the name of the company.."

"yups definetly important.... with the name i can trace the history, financial report and all that... i would know if its a scam or not"
"what im find tht is No Group sales target,No Group sales maintenance"
"and i dont get what u mean"
"now im telling u"

"telling me what?"
"the company"

"y dont u just say it?"
"cause i want u to understand what is it all about"
"if u tell me.. i would.. if u tell me nothing.. i wouldnt.. simple as that"
"ok sorry"
"NU LIFE INTERNATIONAL heard it b4.. ?"

"YUPSSSSSSsssssssss ;)"
"ya here u go"
"what do u think abt tht ?"
"its almost ages of years"
"about 12 yrs i guess"
"if im not wrong"

"not interested in it one bit"
"yeah i know its founded in HK too"
"i seem them b4 here"
"<^2SaNe> not interested in it one bit <-- dont make ur decision so fast think about it"

"not that fast to me *lol*"
"be serious ba u"
"and you dont think im serious huh"
"no..cause u're laughing "
"thats y im saying like that uh"
"hey believe it the things that i told u"
"it won't harm u"
"if i don't believe..what should i explore it..right?"

"u know....i know whats network marketing business model is all about.. im not that interested"
"ya its can helps u with that"
"how would u know at the end"

"at the end what?"
"im trying my best to tell u.."
"sure u r"
"r u still working ?"
"not at the moment"
"why ?"
"why what"
"i mean u still doin nth"
"without any job"

"*shrug* going to UK soon"
"going there 4 ?"

"study, work"
"ok good luck for ya"
"yups thx"
"going alone?"
"u really dont wanna think think about i said just now ?"
"u really dont wanna think think about i had said just now ?"
"no thx mate"
"r u sure?"
"alright :) nvm but can u introduce some frens 4 me..can u?"

"yup im sure"
"those who are interested in business"
"who ur frens?"
"is it here?"

"hmm.. nope"
"then where r ur frens?"
"erm ok"

"im sleeping too ~ gudnitez"
"bye take care"
"c u next time"
"nice to meet u as friends of mine :)"
*Weird conversation. Not only that, I think she miss the point. Most people miss the value of money. I saw the carrot but I didn't follow the stick. ;)

It was April Fool? No? Part II

Remmember the incident over the April Fool joke? Its back again. The government is going to pursue the case? I wonder how the court case will look like. Don't they have better things to do?

Alert: An Eruption!

Jeff Ooi got to the news first. Mount Talang has errupted. Read it here. I once read a prediction by someone over a blog in multiply. Said something about natural disaster in the South East Asian countries. He must be now having a field day trying to preach his God killing innocent people. Some people are so weird. I just hope this volcano eruption wouldn't trigger an eruption in Sabah. I wouldn't know where to run. I don't think we would survive it. Earth is getting screwy I guess. We really need better science to answer if such events were contribution by mankind.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Shuffling to Trance Part III

Current Trance in my winamp playlist:

DJ Rych - mix #3

00:59:56 worth of tracks. ;)

The Graveyard Part I

shhuk *blacklisted*

*Users that was part of the channel and finally consider lost for good without any reliable contact.

Missing Users Part IV


*green|e has been sighted! Yay!

The hardworking employee

[14:21] <biatching> curi ayam this main mirc
[14:21] <biatching> takut orang tengok
[14:22] <|^2SaNe|> ahahahah
[14:22] <@Adriel> msg anna in msn
[14:22] <@Adriel> flood her msn pok her boss come

If every company have this kind of employee, it would be normal. Dilbert says it all!

my conversation of the day! (MSN Messenger)

this was a good laugh! lol said:

hi amy said:
got problem with the router... said:
im sending it back to the shop to fix the ip address..coz i got no clue how to fix just so pissed said:
and mom is really hard working in teaching the dogs.....its been half and hour she 's ben feeding the dogs.....
am i so smart or are you just that stupid? said:
sory bout that.. must rily suck.... but im not amy..
Going Insane...Get ME OUT thE HOUSE!! says:
then who are u?
am i so smart or are you just that stupid? says:
wait.. who are u?
Going Insane...Get ME OUT thE HOUSE!! says:
im supposed to be talking to my SISTER amy...who are u then?
am i so smart or are you just that stupid? says:
am i so smart or are you just that stupid? says:
im crlo.. and u are?
am i so smart or are you just that stupid? says:
Going Insane...Get ME OUT thE HOUSE!! says:
am i so smart or are you just that stupid? says:
Going Insane...Get ME OUT thE HOUSE!! says:
erm am i sure u didnt hack into my sister's acc?
Going Insane...Get ME OUT thE HOUSE!! says:
never heard of any carlo...
am i so smart or are you just that stupid? says:
quite sure..

(went on to find out she was an ex classmate from coll... doh. some ppl.. i could've played along, but haha..)

nico & des

Weirdos Part II

bryan@Assyrian on the left and err.. i dono, just some idiot on the right..


Weirdos Part I

L-R: desmun@SeVeN^^, bryan@Assyrian. heh... no comment


ah fuck the govt. we're not here to start a propaganda (haha rhymes wit uganda). bah u all add whatever relevant pics here (nude women are relevant as well). and why the hell adriel everyday trip jadi kucing? ketara watch too much hello kitty. tu laa ask u watch gundam dun wann..

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Milo VS Tongkat Ali

Sunday evening when we're too bored... chia was lucky cuz he wasn't involved.

[19:10] <adriel>coffee
[19:10] <adriel>coffee
[19:10] <batching>milo
[19:10] <batching>milo
[19:11] <adriel>milo
[19:11] <adriel>milo + Anna = Hardcore Super duper strong Macik
[19:11] <batching>kimak
[19:11] <adriel>lol
[19:12] <batching>tongkat ali + Adriel = viagra empowered Pacik
[19:12] <adriel>lol
[19:12] <adriel>really nothing better for us to do here eh

... mmmmmm ...


How about a vacation in May for me please

How about a vacation in May?

mari mari McHappy Meal

McHappy Meal, anyone?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Crackpots? Idiots?

I always knew they were idiots in the government. I wasn't the one who found him though. Jeff Ooi did blog it first before me. Read all about it at his blog and read the main article. If they were crackpots such as this scaring everyone with FUD(Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) so they can make drastic policy, we have a big problem. A very big problem. I want to ask, how come anyone is so gullible to vote for him to even represent us Malaysians? (Ruhanie Ahmad is a former BN Backbencher Club chairman and a former journalist) Get a grip mate! Stay off the weed and science fiction movies for the next millenium. Idiots like this in our government are the worse kind and not only that, the Utusan Malaysia editor dares to publish his article. No wonder most people hate the United States of America for no reason at all. Yeah! Develop fear of the western civilization when you can use the same energy in improving yourself. Lucikly for us though, his a 'former'. Now you may wonder what's HAARP is all about. Go here. By the way, really, April Fool is over.

Asia Pacific Cable Network 2

The fault at Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2) cable S8S (Philippine - Katong) - near BU4 in segment 8 - will only be recovered by 1200UTC (20:00 hr Malaysia Time), April 9.

*Damn, we would be rid of the latency only after or on Sunday? Since I doubt Telekom staff would work after hours. *sigh*

Police? Are they better then us? Part III

This blog is late but better then never. Anyway, we have a reply by the police to the report. Jeff Ooi have a blog about it. The news links are here and here. Now they are calling the youngsters liars when they have nothing to gain at all by complaining about the police. Regardless though, as a commenter in Jeff Ooi's blog said, I'm more inclined to believe the cyber cafe owner as they have nothing to gain by pointing fingers at the police. It's not really a good publicity stunt. Who wants bad marketing? Would we see the end of this story?

Friday, April 08, 2005

The power of /kill ??

[19:43] * @|^2SaNe| kills theWhiteSuit
[19:43] * sheau_man` (~chloe_nic@ Quit (autokilled: [AKILL ID:1112960664K-a] [exp/os] Due to abuse from this host, you are no longer welcome on DALnet. See for more information.)
[19:43] * h3b3 (~h3b3@ Quit (autokilled: [AKILL ID:1112960664K-a] [exp/os] Due to abuse from this host, you are no longer welcome on DALnet. See for more information.)
[19:43] <@Adriel> lol
[19:43] <@|^2SaNe|> HAHAHAHAHAAHH!
[19:43] <@Adriel> hahaha
[19:43] <@|^2SaNe|> bloody hell.... did u do that?
[19:43] <@theWhiteSuit> ui u kill me he yg mati
[19:43] <@Adriel> nope

*rofl* Have not the faintest idea what the heck happen! It was funny though!

Telekom and Streamyx!

Jeff Ooi took a shot at Telekom's CEO for its idiotic and misleading press statement. According to the information provided by Jeff Ooi's blog, it seems that we'll have to wait till tommorow at best. I can't even blog properly with this *snail* service. Perhaps this time, it isn't much of Telekom's fault but the misleading press statement and the inadequacy of a backup system speaks of an ignorance at the upper management. Get your facts straight! Why do the grassroot people have to do the job appointed to you?

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Telekom Supporter?

Protected-Boy complaining about streamyx in #protected-channel-name and out of no way this Cock-talker told Protected-Boy the reason why is it like that. lol


[6:47pm] <+Protected-chix> :P
[6:47pm] <@Protected-Boy> slow gila streamyx this :(
[6:47pm] <@Protected-Boy> can't even download my naruto manga
[6:48pm] <Cock-talker> u dunno they open new port meh?
[6:48pm] <Cock-talker> when too many users using streamyx,...and no one cares about tmnet...then u realize..the moment u switch back using dial up is much better
than using streamyx
[6:48pm] <Cock-talker> afree or not
[6:49pm] <@Protected-Boy> lol
[6:49pm] <Cock-talker> agree
[6:49pm] <Cock-talker> sorry
[6:49pm] <@Protected-Boy> for all I know, they are not making money at all
[6:49pm] <@Protected-Boy> and our stupid fucked gov is supporting them anre not
allowing any new isp to come into malaysia
[6:50pm] <@Protected-Boy> anre - and
[6:52pm] <Cock-talker> haha
[6:52pm] <Cock-talker> u sure or not
[6:53pm] <Cock-talker> u know they make profit more than uu can ever imagine
[6:53pm] <Cock-talker> make it this way...
[6:53pm] <Cock-talker> the government subsidised part of the cost
[6:53pm] <@Protected-Boy> my friend is working in telekom, my dad and his partner
wanted to open another new ISP in sabah and make sabah as the backbone
[6:53pm] <@Protected-Boy> sure I know all their shit
[6:53pm] <Cock-talker> and as a matter of fact, they lower down the price to the
[6:53pm] <Cock-talker> but...
[6:53pm] <Cock-talker> if u understand the law of marketing
[6:54pm] <Cock-talker> then u know
[6:54pm] <Cock-talker> when there price is low
[6:54pm] <Cock-talker> demand will increase
[6:54pm] <Cock-talker> they are actually making profit based on volume
[6:54pm] <Cock-talker> and u know what
[6:54pm] <@Protected-Boy> .... they are paying debts now and not making any profit for
the past 5 years
[6:54pm] <Cock-talker> they didnt actually open up the bandwith of 1mb to all user
[6:55pm] <Cock-talker> its sharing u knw
[6:55pm] <Cock-talker> why are they paying debts?
[6:55pm] <Cock-talker> coz they buy the thing for the next generation
[6:55pm] <@Protected-Boy> lost phones, lines, corruption
[6:55pm] <Cock-talker> u know that?
[6:55pm] <Cock-talker> i myself always bargain with this so called telco
[6:55pm] <Cock-talker> sure i know their tactic la
[6:56pm] <Cock-talker> some more u tell me they are not making profit?
[6:56pm] <Cock-talker> u must be crazy!
[6:56pm] <@Protected-Boy> my friend is working in the telekom -.-
[6:56pm] <Cock-talker> thats ur frd
[6:56pm] <Cock-talker> and i based on my experience
[6:56pm] <Cock-talker> we deal with maxis
[6:57pm] <Cock-talker> we deal with binariang
[6:57pm] <Cock-talker> sure we know better
[6:57pm] <Cock-talker> how can u judge based on ur frd testimonial?
[6:57pm] <@Protected-Boy> sure, that is maxis what does it has to do with telekom?
[6:57pm] <@Protected-Boy> they don't work with telekom, they work with jaring
[6:57pm] <Cock-talker> well..
[6:57pm] <Cock-talker> its hard to explain here la
[6:58pm] <Cock-talker> they used to set up some plan like telekom does
[6:58pm] <Cock-talker> but...
[6:58pm] <Cock-talker> let ignore it
[6:58pm] <Cock-talker> get back to the main point
[6:58pm] <Cock-talker> u dont think telekom is making profit huh?
[6:58pm] <@Protected-Boy> my dad has contacts in gov
[6:59pm] <Cock-talker> ahaks
[6:59pm] <Cock-talker> u based on ur dad
[6:59pm] <Cock-talker> and not urself
[6:59pm] <Cock-talker> means u arent sure about it also rite?
[6:59pm] <Cock-talker> hahah
[6:59pm] <Cock-talker> nvm
[6:59pm] <@Protected-Boy> dad ane friend
[6:59pm] <@Protected-person> my spambot keluar asap
[6:59pm] Protected-person sets mode: +v Protected-person
[6:59pm] Protected-person sets mode: +v Protected-person
[7:00pm] <+Cock-talker> thanks bosss

This post has been re-edited and all of the nickname and person name are remove so the gov can't find out who said this stuff. *hahaha

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Oh! You Ignorant Fools! Part II

Conversation in #lokyuk :

[20:22] <*static*> • Nickname:|^2SaNe| Channel:#lokyuk - Proxy port 8080
[20:22] <*static*> • Nickname:Kiki-LaLa Channel:#lokyuk - Proxy port 3128
[20:22] <+|^2SaNe|> n what are you doing?
[20:23] <*static*> nothing
[20:23] <+|^2SaNe|> so siok ler u find my open ports huh?
[20:23] <*static*> just showing the trojan thing
[20:23] <+|^2SaNe|> thats not a damn trojan
[20:23] <+|^2SaNe|> u dont even know what your talking about

Conversation in private message :

[20:24] <*static*> • Nickname:^DarkNgeL^ Channel:#lokyuk - Proxy port 8080
[20:24] <*static*> • Nickname:asddds Channel:#smallsaints - Proxy port 8080
[20:24] <*static*> • Nickname:asddds Channel:#smallsaints - Proxy port 8080
[20:24] <*static*> • Nickname:|^2SaNe| Channel:#lokyuk - Proxy port 8080
[20:24] <*static*> • Nickname:|^2SaNe| Channel:#lokyuk - Proxy port 8080
[20:24] <*static*> • Nickname:Kiki-LaLa Channel:#lokyuk - Proxy port 3128
[20:25] <|^2SaNe|> STOP spamming with ur nonsense
[20:25] <|^2SaNe|> if u dunno what ur doing
[20:25] <|^2SaNe|> stop doing it
[20:26] <*static*> i have no idea... i was just showing u that u may having some problems...
[20:27] <|^2SaNe|> i dont have a problem
[20:27] <|^2SaNe|> i just hv an open port
[20:28] <*static*> ok... if u say so... ijust wanna tell u so u would be carefull about it
[20:28] <|^2SaNe|> pfft... its under a firewall... what careful.. u dunno what ur talking about.. its not even a trojan
[20:29] <*static*> okok... i dun want to go any futher
[20:29] <|^2SaNe|> ya better u dont
[20:29] -*static*- (Private) (Secure Query) Please standby for acknowledgement. Thank You. - Invincible
[20:29] -*static*- (Private) (Secure Query) Sorry, I have declined your query. Please try in a more convient time. Thank You. - Invincible

That idiot don't even know what she's talking about. I don't even have a proxy by the way. Its just that my router's web adminstration is at port 8080. I have no idea how to change it yet. Never bother about it really. Still I've already disabled WAN access to that page. Crappy ignorant fools. I hate people like this. Smartass! Go read a book!

Missing Users Part III

Current MIA:


*sythen and SeVeN^ have been sighted! Yay!

Web + Courseware Design and Development Competition 2005

Information about the competition can be found here. Too bad I'm not a student anymore! =p

Oh! You Ignorant Fools!

[18:31] <*static*> 2sane ada trojan
[18:32] <+|^2SaNe|> since when i got a trojan?
[18:32] <*static*> how do i noe
[18:32] <*static*> ur in my trojan list
[18:32] <+|^2SaNe|> n y would i be in ur trojan list?
[18:34] <+*static*> how the damn i should no
[18:34] <+*static*> know*
[18:35] <+|^2SaNe|> wtf, of course u should know.. since u accuse me of having a trojan
[18:35] <+|^2SaNe|> whats wrong with u
[18:39] <+*static*> |^2SaNe|: my script can detect trojan... i dunno how it detect
[18:39] <+|^2SaNe|> ur script sot.. man buang lah that
[18:39] <+*static*> tyr u check ur mirc file and documents
[18:40] <+|^2SaNe|> fuh.. told u i dont have a trojan
[18:40] <+*static*> dun have dun have lar
[18:41] <+*static*> actually what is trojan?
[18:41] <+|^2SaNe|> thats a bit odd right... u tell me i got a trojan.. and i ask more about it.. u dont know a shit.. wtf
[18:41] <+*static*> what is trojan
[18:41] <+|^2SaNe|> god.. man u dont make sense
[18:41] <+*static*> can any1 tell me
[18:41] <+|^2SaNe|> trojan virus.. is a kind of virus that acts like a normal proggie but in fact an infection
[18:41] <+*static*> what is trojan... a virus kah?
[18:42] <+*static*> o ic
[18:42] <+|^2SaNe|> crap shit... u dunno a thing do u
[18:42] <+*static*> dunno what is trojan... but i saw ur name in my list
[18:42] <+*static*> just telling
[18:42] <+*static*> if uir in my channel i think u already get kicked
[18:42] <+|^2SaNe|> thank god im not in ur channel since u have a shitty script

Nearly made me wanna shut everything down and do a full scan. But whatever she said doesn't even make sense. How can a mere mIRC script scan my computer for trojan virus? I presumming she's talking about a IRC trojan virus. My mIRC have never been hijack by a IRC trojan virus. I know because I've check. Those things are such a simple script. She doesn't even understand what is a trojan anyway. Not only that, she never tell me what kind of trojan is infecting my personal computer. Even if she tries to scan my IP for trojans, she'll ran into my router's firewall. Not to mention I'm on a LAN. I hate this kind of people. Pointing fingers at people without resolving anything at all. Go get a book and read. Stop trying being a smartass! Make me cuss for nothing.

Police? Are they better then us? Part II

The news got out. *rofl* Standard procedure huh? I think you'll find all this too fishy. Someone is going to get burn big time! PDRM's bully days are over.

*Credit to Jeff Ooi for bringing up this issue.

*Another blog talking about this.

Someone's chix or what? Get the hint?

This is Shiela AKA aLeIhS. I think she needs a boyfriend. Currently single woh but then we always think she looks cute with someone in the channel. Don't you think so Adriel? *winkz* *lol*

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Shuffling to Trance Part II

Current Trance in my winamp playlist:

DJ Tiesto - Just Be
DJ Tiesto - Walking On Clouds
DJ Tiesto - Forever Today
DJ Sasha and John Digweed - Age of Love

00:32:58 worth of tracks. ;)

Police? Are they better then us?

Where the power of the web came into play, the right information tends to get thru, thats what I like about the web. I sift through tons of information and I get the facts. Too bad for the police though this time. The educated masses of malaysian flock to help this teenager's ordeal. A police raid was conducted in a cybercafe and all of us is wondering if its legal. Not only that, the way the police handle the raid, do they think they are better then us? Innocence until proven guilty! Isn't that what our justice system is all about? Whats with the high-handling of things eh? Come on? So kiamkana was interviewed by the Star. Therefore, we're going to see this issues play out by itself in the papers soon. Dumb idiotic police! Kiamkana's ordeal reminds me of an incident which acidcruel told me. The representative of the police force went to his lecture hall and gave a speech to promote the police force. The representative asked the students if they believe the police force was corrupted. Everyone said yes and start mumbling rants. Then the guy tried to defend the police force by asking if any of them have personal experience of police bribing. Too bad for him though, everyone of the students put up their hands. *smirk* I too had a personal experiences with the police force actually asking me for cash. I had to submit to their damn scams just because I do not want my ex, (at that time she was my girlfriend), go thru some legal shit while I start fighting with them. I personally hate all these people. It was just too bad I wasn't alone. They probably get a piece of my mind. Time to tell the police eh! You ain't no better then us! You're a civil servant, you idiot! You serve us!

*Credit to Jeff Ooi for bringing up the issue. Going to blog this in every blog I have access to. ;)

It was April Fool? No?

Malaysiakini came under fire by the politicians for posting a joke on its news website. I find it funny though, since if you have read the whole article by subscribing to the online news portal, you would know it is a joke. Still the politicians have something else to say about it. Was the joke too much? I don't think so. I've seen newspapers especially Daily Express posting April Fool's joke before in their front page. I guess they all lack sense of humour. I find them hypocrite for saying that our malaysian culture knows how to joke when they are pulling their hairs getting angry. Weird government shit. The other news are at here, here and here. I still find the government incompetent!

*Credits to Jeff Ooi for the links.

Drugs? Kill them!

"The government is studying ammending Section 13 (c) of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 to provide mandatory death sentence and stiffer fines on entertainment operators found to be involved in drugs" quoted from BERNAMA. I find it odd the government should resort to killing and fear to prohibit a person from doing something. Perhaps it's time to have another approach? Since after all these years, your laws and enforcement have done nothing to curb the distribution of illegal drugs. I hate barbaric laws anyway no matter how right it would seem. The justice system is perverted. In another news, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man wants to penalised drug addicts. I find it odd to punish those who are the victims. If they had a choice, it wouldn't be called an addiction right? *lol*

Naked Girls!?

Echoing Ron White, a comedian in the United States of America, "When you see one naked, you want to see all of them naked."

*Beer can make you do all sort of stupid things.

Monday, April 04, 2005

When Buaya strikes!

[20:31] <@Baboon> faster go mass invite some girls
[20:31] <@Baboon> into this channel
[20:34] * @Baboon wait for a girl to pm

He wants girls. *lol*

StreamyX's Gift: ZTE ZXDSL 831 modem Part II

*UPDATED* So the guys rig up a bot to access ZTE ZXDSL 831 modem and registered a channel specifically for this kind of things? Not sure about DALnet's policy about that. I doubt you can do that sort of things. For all of you, the channel is in DALnet. So watch out mate. There's plenty of warnings around the web and this isn't the only blog about this.

*I still urge you to stay away from a computer if you do not know how to use it properly.

*For those who wonder why I blog this, it's to inform the channel regulars and whom ever that stumble to this blog. Why did I point at that channel? Because it was advertise publicly in #lokyuk :

[19:16] <*static*> join
[19:16] <*static*> ^^

I am kind enough to remove the nick. However, if you decide to pursue this issue of me blogging. I have all the legal rights to do so. This isn't the only blog that speaks of the ZTE modem problem and those blogs ain't written by me. ;)

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Shuffling to Trance Part I

Current Trance in my winamp playlist:

Carl Cox and Jeff Mills - Hard Techno
Carl Cox - French Kiss
Carl Cox - Funky Disco House
Carl Cox - I Love Techno
Carl Cox - Dirty Bass

00:45:06 worth of tracks! ;)

Angel of the channel!

Cheryl AKA cheryl-!! The 'bao bei' of the channel. Not to say she's a thing or anything but she's definetly a V.I.P. You would get a warrant of death if you hurt her. Fully under the protection of desnudians. ;)

This is bi^o^bi!

Red as an apple! *lol* Well protected by her own behaviour. Is she cute? =p

Missing Users Part II

green|e - His personal computer might had gone missing
|ACCORD| - Unknown
amagon - Unknown

*bi^o^bi has been sighted. She's back! Yay!

Stalker? I'm just good with information.

My suprising ability to dig information whenever I want to and the 'luck' that goes with it. This is what I did just now.

I saw this blog.

Then, I went to friendster and punch in a few keywords in the search. Voila! I got this and this.

Am I cool or what? *lol* If my guesses is right, that's her. =)

Bengawan Solo

Went to my dad's grave this afternoon, and sang this song in front of his grave (you might think I'm crazy... at least my cousins do). Bengawan Solo is his favourite song since he went to Indonesia during the 60's. I remember he played his cassette of this album over and over again. (Sorry man that time in KK CD too hi-tech).


Ciptaan: Gesang
Pengantar:Lagu Bengawan Solo ini pernah dinyanyikan Iwan Fals secara duet bersama penciptanya, Gesang dalam salah satu acara musik di RCTI sekitar pertengahan dekade 1990-an. Foto saat Iwan dan Gesang menyanyikan lagu ini dapat dilihat di Galeri Foto.

Bengawan Solo
Riwayatmu ini
Sedari dulu jadi
Perhatian insani
Musim kemarau
Tak brapa airmu
Dimusim hujan air
Meluap sampai jauh
Mata airmu dari Solo
Terkurung gunung seribu
Air mengalir sampai jauh
Akhirnya kelaut
Itu perahu
Riwatyatmu dulu
Kaum pedagang slalu
Naik itu perahu


A WARNING inspire by a harassment attack against one of my friend's weblog.

Quoted from Jeff Ooi, "On March 1, MCMC corporate communications head Adelina Iskandar was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying that Malaysian bloggers who have faced harassment and invasion of privacy by those responding to postings on weblogs, have recourse to protection under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. She cited Sections 211 and 233 of the Act as the provisions that provide protection to individuals"

The necessary Sections retrieved from Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission's website:

Acts - Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 / Act 588

Section 211. Prohibition on provision of offensive content

(1) No content applications service provider, or other person using a content applications service, shall provide content which is indecent, obscene, false, menacing, or offensive in character with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any person.

(2) A person who contravenes subsection (1) commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to both and shall also be liable to a further fine of one thousand ringgit for every day or part of a day during which the offence is continued after conviction.

Section 233. Improper use of network facilities or network service, etc.

(1) A person who-

(a) by means of any network facilities or network n service or applications service knowingly-

(i) makes, creates or solicits; and

(ii) initiates the transmission of,

any comment, request, suggestion or other communication which is obscene, indecent, false, menacing or offensive in character with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass another person; or

(b) initiates a communication using any applications service, whether continuously, repeatedly or otherwise, during which communication may or may not ensue, with or without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any person at any number or electronic address,
commits an offence.

(2) A person who knowingly-

(a) by means of a network service or applications service provides any obscene communication for commercial purposes to any person; or

(b) permits a network service or applications service under the person's control to be used for an activity described in paragraph (a),
commits an offence.

(3) A person who commits an offence under this section shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to both and shall also be liable to a further fine of one thousand ringgit for every day during which the offence is continued after conviction.

P/S You Have Been Warn!

StreamyX's Gift: ZTE ZXDSL 831 modem

We've found out long ago, perhaps sometime around last year or maybe 2 years ago when StreamyX package came with a gift, a free modem, there would be a problem. Apparently though, somehow, the TM Net stuff either forgot to tell the customer or the customer themselves neglect the most important thing, the default settings for the modem. You see, the ZTE AZDSL 831 modem defaults setting allows HTTP access to the administration page of the router through WAN. That's alright though but apparently most of the users never change the default password either. What does this mean? You have full access to their routers. Well, its not surprising that we're not the only one who know this fact. Someone eventually will notice it. It did. Unlike us though, these guys are willingly stealing StreamyX password and using it for free sms. Apparently, StreamyX users can use the sms feature, where you send sms through the web using your StreamyX account and it will be charge in the next bill. Too bad for all those ignorant people. As this involves RM aka MONEY, someone going to get the heat. A lot of heat too. Since such things are highly illegal. I notice as well, even the default streamyX password given by TMNET was neglected to be changed. Don't ask me why, but streamyX gives a set of default password and it's really easy to try every one of them. Don't forget to change your SNMP string too. If you don't know what it is, you obviously need to learn quickly.

Default adminstration access to the modem said above:
Username: ZXDSL or Username: ADSL
Password: ZXDSL or Password: expert03

*Echoing an adminstrator in, "Stay away from the computer if you do not know how to use it properly. Obviously it will harm you more then you harming it"

Mobile Miracle!

Today, April 3rd in the year 1973, Martin Cooper was the first man to place a mobile phone call. He was in New York, New York!

Friday, April 01, 2005

A common occurence in the channel. Murphy's Law?

[23:18] <@b|atching> hahahaha
[23:18] <@|^2SaNe|> y u laff oh
[23:21] <@b|atching> i.. oso dunno

Paradox? The WHY to life? You name it, we create it!

b|atching? Is she a stalker?

She's in every channel I'm in. So I ask her, this is what she said:

[23:17] <@b|atching> diao la
[23:17] <@b|atching> who wanna stalks u
[23:17] <@b|atching> memang dia buta
[23:18] <@b|atching> siu pi la

I have my doubts though. I think she's a stalker!

Fun with board signs!

I'm trying to annoy people! *lol* No board signs were harm during the making of this picture!

*To develop the picture above please go here.

April Fool? Another setback!

[22:58] * @aDrleL (~adk@ Quit (Quit: why no girls one)
[22:58] <@b|atching> kimakkkkkkkkkkkkkk
[22:58] <@b|atching> i am a girk ok

Anna! Your status is dropping like mad!

April Fool!

Pranks mate! Pranks! Its a tradition for the mischievous! Hoaxes everywhere! BEWARE!