Friday, May 27, 2005

channel rubbish againnnn!!!!!

once again, ana's breasts as the victims. u guys are terribleee:

[02:25] <@[-aLex-]> anna
[02:25] <@[-aLex-]> if one day u lose 30 pds
[02:25] <@[-aLex-]> will ur breast become smaller also
[02:28] <@b|atching> wtf alex how did u get to know abt my breasts anyway
[02:28] <@ENIGS^^> e?
[02:28] <@Adriel> alex dream about u last night maybe
[02:28] <@b|atching> i am very concerned of the source of information
[02:29] <@[-aLex-]> so if u become slim then ur breast become still big lah hahahaha


[02:32] <@[-aLex-]> [02:32] <@b|atching> even doc said i'll hurt a lot when i get pregnant last time <--- LAST TIME ?!

... i dun think any of us ever knew...

u all ever heard of NARUTO? some ninja anime... ask des or chia bout it.. damn wannabe ninjas -_-

[00:53] <@Adriel> sama sama lompat around
[00:53] <@Adriel> flying flying
[00:54] <@sytheN> jump from tree to tree
[00:54] <@sytheN> haha
[00:54] <@Adriel> one can call frog, one more can call dog
[00:54] <@Adriel> lol
[00:54] <@sytheN> dun forget to dye ur hair YELLOW and wear ORANGE so that u can BLEND IN WITH THE SHADOWS like a real ninja

yes, the ninja has yellow hair and bright orange clothes. VERY GOOD WAY OF STAYING DISCREET....


[16:48] <@sythsdfherugf> im gonna pengsan soon...
[16:49] * sythsdfherugf is now known as sytheN
[16:50] <@sytheN> helpppp
[16:50] <@sytheN> help.. me....
[16:50] <@sytheN> helllppp...
[16:50] <@sytheN> heelll.......p........
[16:52] * @Adriel tolong
[16:52] <@sytheN> quick! cpr!
[16:54] <@Adriel> ..
[16:54] * @Adriel tolak chris
[16:54] * @Adriel then ask chris to do cpr to carlo
[16:55] <@sytheN> faster
[16:55] <@sytheN> dying
[16:55] <@sytheN> chia
[16:55] * @sytheN buka mulut
[16:58] <@|^2SaNe|> -.-

this wat u call frens... leave u to die

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Malaysian Stereotype? Smartass!

"No one has any good advice on how I can balance my work with my personal life."

"You didn't ask me."

"I take the Zen approach of having no friends and doing no work. Hence, perfect balance."

"Where did you get that definition of Zen?"

"I used to read, but it's faster to make up stuff."

*Aint that something that happens often?

Best Ghost Story!

This guy was on the side of the road hitch hiking on a very dark night and in the midst of a storm. The night was rolling on and no car went by. The storm was so strong he could hardly see a few feet ahead of him.

Suddenly he saw a car slowly coming towards him and stopped. The guy, without thinking about it, got in the car and closed the door, just to realize there was nobody behind the wheel. The car started slowly. The guy looked at the road and saw a curve approaching. Scared, he started to pray, begging for his life. Then, just before he hit the curve, a hand appeared through the window and turned the wheel. The guy, paralysed with terror, watched how the hand appeared every time they came to a curve.

The guy, gathering strength, jumped out of the car and ran to the nearest pub . Wet and in shock, he went to a tavern and asked for two shots of tequila. He then started telling everybody about the horrible experience he went through. A silence enveloped everybody when they realized the guy was crying and....

wasn't drunk.

About half an hour later two guys walked into the same tavern, wet and out of breath. Looking around and seeing the guy who hitched a lift, the one said to the other, "Look, Bruce, there's the idiot that got in the car while we were pushing it."

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Channel report

I have compiled all interesting and noteworthy quotes from the channel over the past few days. Here they are:

That's all for now.

yeah, here we go...

gettin jiggy widdit, na na na na nanana na na na na nana
gettin jiggy widdit, na na na na nanana na na na na nana
gettin jiggy widdit, na na na na nanana na na na na nana
gettin jiggy widdit, na na na na nanana na na na na nana
gettin jiggy widdit, na na na na nanana na na na na nana
gettin jiggy widdit, na na na na nanana na na na na nana


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sarcasm! Can't live without it!

[the character of SARCASTIC GUY is read in a voice that it just absolutely dripping with sarcasm in everything he says]

DEREK: Great party, huh? I actually don't know anyone at the party, actually, I'm kinda new to the neighborhood, actually, but my friend Chris said "come to the party, I'll introduce you around, you'll know everybody by the time you leave the party." Chris knows everybody, and soon I'll know everybody! 'Course, Chris didn't show up. So I guess I gotta mingle. So here I am mingling! 'Course, mingling really isn't my game, I'm not really a mingler, per se, I was actually in the corner alone mingling - that means I'm not talking to anyone, actually. I saw you over here, I said "there's a guy by himself, why not go over here, I'll mingle with this guy, this guy looks like a mingler," so hi, I'm Derek, pleased to meet you.

SARCASTIC GUY: Well it certainly is a pleasure to meet YOU, Derek.

DEREK: ...I'm sorry if I bothered you.

SARCASTIC GUY: Oh no, you're not bothering me, Derek, far from it. There's nothing I would rather do than just stand here and chat with you! Y'know - really get to know you?

DEREK: Look, I don't think there's any need to be sarcastic.

SARCASTIC GUY: Oh, I'm not being sarcastic! NOOOO! This is just a little speech impediment. I can't help it!

DEREK: Okay, I've obviously said or done something wrong to upset you, I'm just gonna apologize and be on my way.

SARCASTIC GUY: No, no, no, please stay. It's true. I've talked this way all my life. It's made things very difficult for me.

DEREK: Yeah! Right!

SARCASTIC GUY: Hey! Where ya goin'? Come back! I really wanna be your friend. I'm so lonely.

*Read here.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Typical Corporate Behaviour

"I can't process your travel expenses because you sent me copies of the receipts. I need the originals"

"I'm busy"

"Just fax them"


This Dilbert scenario happens all the time. Now, why would you want the fax copies of the original receipt and not the copies of the original receipt? Beats the hell out of me doesn't it?

Black cat?!

[15:14] <@Adriel> kucing hitam
[15:14] <@Adriel> smart
[15:15] <@|^2SaNe|> kucing hitam?
[15:18] <@Adriel> black cat

I still don't get this conversation. Do you?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


yo chia. linked this page to my page and vice versa. oh, linked ur page from mine too. IM SURE U'LL DO THE SAME... copy-pasted ur html code. was too lazy to type it out.


its so dead there... me and adriel oni security guard. and why does ana have to dc when she sleeps nowadays??


[00:16] <@bi^o^bi> kenape so sikit orggggggggggggggggg
[00:18] <@bi^o^bi> so boring o here
[00:18] <@bi^o^bi> all batang oni

i thought that's what she likes??? dont tell me she turned les. uhu...

oh btw, can someone change the template? black is just not the channel colour... i would have changed it myself, but i wasnt sure if there are any particular settings u all wanna keep (changing template will del any customizations, blah).

1 last thing.. how the fuck to change the txt colour back to default? i dono how thats why this post is so bloody colourful.

Weird stuff in #dalnet channel I usualy see

[1:01am] <killer-man>hello
[1:01am] <killer-man>i am new admin here if any one want any kind of help i am here i am wiping the aop list so any one want op contact me thanx
[1:02am] SeyitAli_Baba (~Query@ is now known as _BA_User
[1:02am] <killer-man>are u listning alll the ops
[1:03am] _BA_User (~Query@ is now known as SeyitAli_Baba
[1:05am] murat06 (~murat06@ has parted. «39 people»
[1:07am] <killer-man>now i think i shud deop alll of u
[1:09am] kartal3636 (~gtk@ has joined. «40 people»
[1:10am] <killer-man>so whatt the hell is going over here ur father is saying u suome thing and childrens are not listening

After some time...

[1:23am] Killer-MaN «~rock@» has Quit iRC

He left the channel, but the we only notice what he said when Quension onotice us

[1:35am] *Quension(@#DALnet)* lol that was great .. Killer-MaN comes in and claims to be the new admin, threatens to deop everyone here .. and everyone ignores him :D
[1:36am] -> Ops #dalnet: lol << Adriel

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Wake up call...

Excerpts from a comment:

"But next to that, they're still naive enough to believe that the government actually does things to make life better for us all. They think the government would pass laws and stuff to actually make media better."

Best statement I've read all day. Maybe its time we really have to wake up.

Monday, May 09, 2005

My favourite K song in May 2005 - 愛與誠

Been singing this song all the time whenever i go karaoke these days... those u know Chiense please do try this song out ...... cunnnnnnnn!

曲 : 曹雪芬@宇宙大爆炸
詞 : 林夕
編 : Ted Lo
監 : 雷頌德

其實自己一個更開心 只等你講
恨有多一點碰撞 仍然無聊事幹不敢打攪對方
要是你願意 誠實講一趟
不要哭 我也忍得了這些年來的委曲
沒法真心愛下去 只好真心真意的結束

*別再做情人 做隻貓做隻狗 不做情人
和你不瞅不睬 最終只會成為敵人
淪為舊朋友 是否又稱心
沒有心 只像閒人
若有空 難道有空可接吻
註定似過路人陌生 你怎麼手震
(這預告 發自虔誠內心)*

長期被迫戀愛也真比 失戀更慘
長期扮演若無其事般 更困難
是我專登反應慢 明明為時甚晚 牌一早該要攤
再像我伴侶 仍望多一眼 一生都將會記得今晚

Repeat *

對不起 自動分手錯愕的你怕會傷感
盲目的我 現在也可轉台來賀你新生
別再做情人 做隻貓做隻狗 不做情人
淪為舊朋友 是否又稱心
沒有心 只像閒人
若有空 難道有空可接吻
註定似過路人陌生 你怎麼手震

Monday, May 02, 2005

50 jugs of beer/stout = Scary!

[21:30] <@vendy> 50jugs
[21:30] <@vendy> remember
[21:30] <@ENIGS^^> stout
[21:30] <@|^2SaNe|> dun wan 50 jugs >.<
[21:31] <@vendy> u like beer much
[21:31] <@vendy> i follow u finish the 50 jugs lo
[21:31] <@|^2SaNe|> =x
[21:31] <+Baboon> lol
[21:31] <@|^2SaNe|> dun wan.. no need >.<
[21:31] <@sythxN> wah
[21:31] <+Baboon> stout
[21:31] <+Baboon> ....
[21:31] <@sythxN> 30 1st la
[21:31] <@vendy> lol
[21:31] <@sythxN> 50.. haha adriel also hangkang
[21:31] <@ENIGS^^> hahahhaa
[21:31] <@vendy> joke bah
[21:32] <+Baboon> lol
[21:32] <@vendy> later go in hospital le
[21:32] <@ENIGS^^> me plus carlo also hangkang la
[21:32] <@sythxN> yalor
[21:32] <@|^2SaNe|> each person 10 jugs lah =x
[21:32] <@sythxN> must call backup from hk
[21:32] <@ENIGS^^> rolling in chia garden o
[21:32] <+Baboon> ;o
[21:32] <@vendy> -.-
[21:32] <+Baboon> lol
[21:33] <@ENIGS^^> dont la..later hk itu backup bang the gate again
[21:33] <@ENIGS^^> hahahahahahahaha
[21:33] <+Baboon> lol
[21:33] <@sythxN> hahaha
[21:33] <@|^2SaNe|> HAHAHAHAAH
[21:33] <@ENIGS^^> hahahahahahaha
[21:33] <@ENIGS^^> :x

Moral of the story:

1. Don't drink 50 jugs.
2. Don't drink and drive especially those in HK.