Monday, March 22, 2010

Latest update

Status of everyone?

Adriel = Awake, driving, drinking coffee, driving, drinking coffee, office, office, chatting chatting
Anna = Working, Work, Drinking, Sleep, Working, Chatting still , dating, dating, datin??
Carlo = Still around, Drinking, Working, drinking, flying, drinking, chatting, drinking (no changes)
Chia = M.I.A
BB = Facebook, game, game, facebook, game game
Des = Married, working, drinking, gaming, working, drinking
Chew = Working, Drinking, Working, dating, Chatting
Sean = M.I.A
Christi = Housewife, auntie, mother, sleep, online, sleep, jaga baby, sleep, jaga baby, sleep, online, eat, eat, sleep
Midori = online, work, work, not sure
Shiela = online, online, chatting, chatting, widening, eat, sleep work
Ash = Unsure Unsure Unsure

Who else missing? lol

Out of a the blue question at 1.08 am 3/22/2010

[21:50] * Now talking in #desnudo
[21:50] * Topic is 'YES, that's what it means. NO, there's no naked people in here hehe'
[21:50] * Set by <unknown> on <unknown>
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[00:00] * Day changed to Monday, March 22nd 2010.
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[00:53] * ruff is now known as devilism
[01:08] <baboon> ash
[01:08] <baboon> are you gay?
[01:08] <@devilism>; pa
[01:08] <baboon> are you gay?
[01:08] <@devilism> cakap cepat, i wanna go watch match for a bit
[01:09] <@devilism> o.O
[01:09] <@devilism> why would i be gay?
[01:09] <baboon> crap and I thought this would be a good screenshot
[01:09] <baboon> just say yes
[01:09] <baboon> lol
[01:09] <baboon> out of the blue question
[01:10] <@devilism> no i'm not
[01:10] <baboon> ah[01:11] <baboon> :(
[01:11] <@devilism> makes no sense to say yes when i'm not
[01:11] <@devilism> bah have fun playing with yourself. i wanna go watch match for a bit

Yes it has been a very lonely channel now days with just me and ash.