Sunday, April 13, 2008

Learning English

Well I was blogging about my week in my blog today and was wondering what is "alang-alang" in english.. here is my conversation in IRC:

<+Baboon> cikenWings, what is alang-alang in english?
* Vikram_KL ( Quit (Quit:)
<@cikenWings> alang-alang in english is a direct translation of a slang....... that u're fucked
<+Baboon> ic
<+Baboon> then again what is the proper word :( i can't seem to remember
Me still being a little slow
@ulquiorra> u cant directly translate alang-alang as a word per se
<@ulquiorra> u hv to translate it as a context
<@ulquiorra> generally its doing something halfway. but it depends on the context. is it halfway good or halfway bad?
* @ulquiorra shrugs
<+Baboon> ohh
<+Baboon> well "alang alang buat kerja"
<+Baboon> then again I just wrote "didn't do a proper job"
<@ulquiorra> u could strengthen that by saying "finish job halfway"
<+Baboon> erm..
<+Baboon> that don't sound right too :(
<+Baboon> finish job halfway
<+Baboon> finish job halfway ah <<> lol
<@ulquiorra> actually its correct eh
<@ulquiorra> =.="
<@ulquiorra> u nvr heard of that usage kah
<@ulquiorra> because didnt do a proper job is too uh, general and too accusing
<+Baboon> lets say I write like this "Because someone did the job halfway"
<+Baboon> eh
<+Baboon> oh ngam
<+Baboon> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
<@ulquiorra> =.="
<+Baboon> I became more smarter now
<+Baboon> thanks
<@ulquiorra> yaaa
<+Baboon> hahaha
<+baboon> but I end up just saying "because of someone didn't properly do the job."
<+baboon> lol
<@ulquiorra> err.. already said la?
<+baboon> haha
<+baboon> thanks anyway for explaining
<@ulquiorra> sure np
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So yeah... I was a little slow today :\