Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another bad day for Macik Ashley

Here is a screenshot of the channel where I been trying to get Ashley to hop the channel after adding a akick on her nickname for fun, she didn't hop so I just kicked her hehe

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Cool? Funny? no I am just bored I guess..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


[07:54am] <suanzz> sane sane
[07:54am] <@^2SaNe> suan suan
[07:54am] <suanzz> sane sane
[07:54am] <@^2SaNe> suan suan
[07:55am] <@blur`case> suan sane
[07:56am] <@^2SaNe> johor basket
[07:56am] <@blur`case> fuck u
[07:56am] <@^2SaNe> lol
[07:56am] <suanzz> yichee
[07:56am] <suanzz> sane sane
[07:56am] <@^2SaNe> suan suan
[07:57am] <suanzz> yikit
[07:57am] <suanzz>cheekit
[07:57am] <suanzz> chingching
[07:58am] <@blur`case> my cousin name is cheekit leh
[07:58am] <@^2SaNe> what a coincidence
[08:00am] <suanzz> lol
[08:00am] <suanzz> :P
[08:00am] <suanzz> sane sane
[08:00am] <suanzz> ching ching
[08:03am] <@^2SaNe> suan suan
[08:03am] <@blur`case> bahhhhhhh
[08:03am] <@^2SaNe> bahhhhhhh
[08:03am] <@^2SaNe> black sheep
[08:08am] <suanzz> sane sane
[08:09am] <@blur`case> tian er
[08:09am] <@blur`case> tian er

Can the channel get any more interesting than this?

Friday, February 23, 2007

Beware BuayaKing is waking up

Here is a screenshot of Chris saying it himself:

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Sythen

Happy Birthday to Sythen! May he have an endless supply of beer!

Random channel talk!


[00:45] <@|^2SaNe|> invision 2.0 my ass
[00:45] <@|^2SaNe|> my ass
[00:45] <@|^2SaNe|> muah damn ass
[00:45] <@|^2SaNe|> oo
[00:45] <@|^2SaNe|> my ass is version 2.0

My ass?


[00:58] * @Adriel was left with a security
[00:58] <@|^2SaNe|> oh yeah adriel.. did he molest u?
[00:58] <@|^2SaNe|> ahahahhha
[00:58] <@Adriel> dunno

I'm sure you wouldn't want to know either

O_o Heroes?

[20:47] <enat-> i wanna have sex with mohinder suresh
[21:27] <enat-> seriously i dont mind him at all lol
[21:29] <enat-> wanna smell good for mohinder
[00:19] <simon-> i am attracted to santa-like guy

No we didn't know.. Should we know?


[09:47] <Leirda> there was a dragon fly in the office I ran around trying to catch it

Is this how people suppose to work?

Chat box a bit weird

To those whose posting on the current chatbox.. its screwy at the moment. Not my fault, its the chatbox's database.. in any case it suck and messages are missing after someone else's post.. Going to change it soon.. but hey.. its going to take awhile until I got a mood to change it..


[07:07am] <@enat-> [06:36] <@enat-> gene says:
[07:07am] <@enat-> [06:36] <@enat-> i can tell if someone is smart from her nipples
[07:08am] <@enat-> wahaha
[07:08am] <@enat-> i look like 21
[07:09am] * @^2SaNe stares at enat-'s nipples
[07:09am] <@^2SaNe> oooo
[07:09am] <@enat-> oi
[07:09am] <@^2SaNe> still kenot tell
Yet another day in the channel...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I am new here (considerably?), and I actually did not know what does "desnudo" mean. So like what every other sane person would do, I Googled it, and it's supposed to mean "in the nude" in Spanish?!
Am I in the right place?


Just another day... nothing new.. maybe new nicks.. but yet nothing new... here is another ss of this channel for this year...

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Nothing much really... just another normal chat...