Thursday, March 31, 2005

Anna? What are you doing?

I'm not sure what she's trying to do. Do you?

Rule 0001: The first rule of the channel

Rule 0001 states that its highly inappropriate to kick the founder. Do not kick the founder. I repeat, DO NOT KICK THE FOUNDER! Thank you very much.

A question worth asking.

[22:46] <@aDrleL> why no girls here

He says it all. Too bad for Anna though!

This is me! I'm not drunk!

Drunk? Nope. Its just another day in Beach Club, Kota Kinabalu. Too bad I never went back there anymore. *lol*

Darthsythen? Guess not!

This is Carlo AKA sythen trying to be cute. If you girls wants him, your too late.

The Anna that you will never forget!

This is Anna AKA biatching AKA makcik. Do you find it weird to wear 'that' in your office?

Adriel doesn't smoke anymore!

This is Adriel when he got his damn ciggies. Ironically, he doesn't smoke anymore. Memory mates?

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

If you haven't read it, read it. It's a very controversial book since it deals with a religion. Therefore, you should do proper research for the facts used before deciding if it's actually really a fact. In any case, it's a fictional book that I find entertaining.*lol* Currently, only me and Carlo have a copy of it. I can lend it to you if you promise to bring me eat ice cream!

Missing Users Part I

acidcruel - Missing due to his work or wife?
sythen - Missing since Tenaga Nasional mess up his motherboard.
SeVeN^ - Never bother to login and park.
bi^o^bi - See previous news.
[naked-puppet] - Her fate is unknown.

*More will be updated soon

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Greenbacks' trouble?

Our former prime minister Dr. Mahathir warns that the United States have an US$7 trillion loan and that means trouble for the greenbacks. I wonder if its an outstanding loan or something. Could the American's government repay the loans in one go? I don't think so. That's why we don't really do it that way, right? He even have to say 'unless of course they (the US) change their President and have a more responsible President who tries to reduce the deficit'. *roll eyes* What do you mean by that? You know, George Bush cannot run for presidency anymore. After his current 4 years tenure, his out mate. That's the law. So are you saying some economical catastrophe would come within this 4 years? Sounds like FUD to me. I wonder why our former prime minister is spreading FUD. Sounds a bit fishy? No? With no other data but that US$7 trillion loan, its bad to based your judgment on just that figure. It could mean the other way right? You know, the one that says the US economy is healthy enough to accept that kind of loan? *sigh* But then he said, the greenbacks is not collapsing because of FUD? Isn't that more FUD? And he said because some people still used it? And why are they using it again? Devalued 50% against the Yen. Did the Yen went up dramatically or did the US went down, in what period of time? Within how many years? Is it because of the war? How much deficit again? Why is it doubtful that the greenbacks is not recovering? Didn't Malaysia trade a lot of with the US? Answer? No? Yes? Maybe its just the way this damn newspaper reports it. God, its misleading and I have too much questions then answers. Did I miss something though?

The longest chemical name: Enaptin!

This chemical name contains 64,060 letters. Its the longest to date. *lol* I pity the damn chemist who have to write it down. For us, we just need to call it Enaptin! Har!

Megalong: True or false?

The Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) just seized several files related to the Megalong Mall. Weird? Damn weird. I hope it doesn't turn out that the project will be cancelled due to failure in getting the necessary approval. That project is link to some Singaporean company too. There is something fishy about this.

Kidnapped: A guy by bi^o^bi

Melbourne, March 30, Wednesday - A guy in his 20s have been missing from the urban jungle since last Thursday. The notorious 'buaya' bi^o^bi have been suspected in kidnapping him and have been hiding in the jungle nearby. All local authorities have been notify of the incident. The public are urged to provide any information if available. We are in need of help!

Northern Sumatra's Earthquake

Damn thing hit twice in Indonesia with aftershocks. Damn glad I wasn't there. Damn pity the people there. Seems like mother nature is f*ck up or something. Perhaps this is normal but are we sure? I hope there ain't no other quakes at same region after 3 months. This things are like striking a lotto. Time for people in Indonesia to build earthquake proof buildings or something. Maybe we just need better science. Although I'm not sure if we could predict earthquakes reliably in the next century too.

Why must we work on Wednesday?

0242: Ter-collapsed and forced myself to go shower... bugged by Chia 10 mins ago and I may now offline in peace.. Why do we work for 5 days and only get to rest for 2 days? I wonder. Why is office hour 0800 and not 1200? I wonder. No more long weekend holiday until Christmas time. Nine months to go! Good luck la to all employees... may we burn in hell!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

First post! Earthquake!

Monday, March 28, 2005 at 12:09:36 (+8 GMT), an earthquake registering 8.7 magnitude struck 205 km (125 miles) due west and northwest of Sibolga, Sumatra, Indonesia.