Thursday, March 26, 2009

Latest update

Status of everyone?

Adriel = Awake, drinking, drinking, drinking, drinking, Working, chatting still , drinking
Anna = Working, Work, Drinking, Sleep, Working, Chatting still , moving
Carlo = Still around, Drinking, Working, drinking, flying, drinking, chatting, drinking
Chia = M.I.A
BB = M.I.A
Des = Married, working, drinking, gaming, working, drinking
Chew = Working, Drinking, Working, dating, Chatting
Sean = M.I.A

I think there is a lot more.. but erm.. who else should be in the list... oh Midori... Working, chatting, working, drinking, drinking.

Then again this place is kind of dead :)

Christi = Housewife, auntie, mother, sleep, online, sleep, jaga baby, sleep, jaga baby, sleep, online, eat, eat, sleep